Seriously, I'm not. Just slightly overwhelmed. Last week I had a sudden urge to make the 733 mile journey home so the rest of the family could meet our son. What normally takes 12 hours took me 16 with the little one. He was amazing, he slept the whole way.

On my way home last Thursday I made a ghastly wrong turn that led me 40 miles off course in the Pennsylvania countryside. I've never made a better mistake. Just as dusk was falling and my nerves were unraveling to the sound of hiccuping and crying from the backseat I passed a B&B. I figured it wouldn't be as economical as a big name hotel along the highway, so I kept driving, all along praying that I would find the highway eventually. Two miles down the ridiculously sloping dirt road I turned around and hoped for the best.

I ended up in the most welcoming home away from home I've encountered in a long time. Sue and her husband are a retired military couple that put me up for the night. After I'd cleaned up and settled in my gorgeous suite I went down and had a very lively evening with the two of them. We reminisced about Germany and I learned of Sue's husband's experience in Vietnam and the rest of the world.

In the morning I awoke to brilliant sunshine... and the smell of poop outside. A true farm experience I suppose. Sue prepared me some amazing french toast and an egg and bacon bake. I left two hours later than I'd planned because, again, I had such a good time talking with the couple. To top it off, they gave me my room at half their normal rate. The cursed wrong turn turned into a blessing.

I'm looking forward to knitting this Wednesday. I missed two weeks because of my trip. I hope I never have to make the trip home alone again, it was incredibly boring and stressful always hoping I would be able to stop soon after the little one woke up so I could feed and change him.

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