I'm not even going to begin to recap on the last few weeks in the new house. It's been both invigorating to be out of the hotel and exhausting to have multiple projects going on at once. Whenever we finally get SOMETHING finished I'll start posting the progress photos...  but at the moment the chaos is too much for even a digital photo.

Some of what I have going on:
  • painting vintage dressers for the bedroom so our clothes are not in totes on the floor
  • mentally designing my home daycare rooms
  • painting and restyling lamps
  • covering IKEA mirrors with fabric
  • knitting vase covers
  • making a wax paper chandelier
  • sewing curtains for my son's room
  • researching upholstery fabric to bring new life to the seller's left-behind chairs
  • going bonkers staring at the most hideous wallpaper-like wall paneling ever
That about sums it up (I think).

Today, we're having some nasty weather.  I just barely managed to fit The Beast (the Suburban) in the car port. Luckily, I'm a lot smaller than my husband... otherwise I might have had to exit the vehicle from the trunk. I got absolutely soaked in the process and experienced the joy of being battered by chickpea size hail.

Except for my knitted vase covers I have not been knitting anything since we moved in. I assure you, my hands are depressed. My husband works Monday-Friday, so every weekend that he's home we take full advantage of having time together as a family and more time to work on home projects.

Right now I feel like the house will never get done. Previously when we have moved, the house has been move-in ready as it was and we never had plans to alter it in any way. But here... we're ripping up and replacing flooring, we're painting, we're putting up walls and building things. It's a long process having to work around a young child and a full time job!