It was refreshing to attend the knitting group this week. I did just about everything but knit though. I didn't realize how hungry I was until I sat down and took note that I was at a venue that served food that I a) did not have to prepare and b) was available within minutes. Being famished it was like a godsend from above. So, with the delish broccoli cheddar soup and pumpkin spice latte distracting me I caught up with my favorite ladies at knitting and leisurely knit three rounds of 2x2 ribbing on my sweater sleeve.

The weather has been cooling down and it's been a real breath of fresh air. Summers in Virginia are no joke, I don't want to see another scorching day of humid 90's for at least another 9 months. Being very pregnant during said months of gross, wet heat probably didn't help, but it would have been semi miserable regardless.

I'm in the midst of fall cleaning. What a disaster. Chaos reigns in our house. I have not been able to finish anything that I've started. The doggy-smelling living room rug is still in the kitchen covered in a heavy layer of baking soda. My attempt at green cleaning in that direction is so far not been so hot. The rug still smells like my pug's belly. (yuck) I did, however, discover that vinegar really makes a kitchen shine.

One of our two couches is still covered in random books, magazines, decorative elements and such that was formerly crammed into our shelf coffee table thing. The stairs are covered in stuff that belongs upstairs. Sigh. I won't talk about the rest of the house. It's not that big of a deal, but all the mess combined seems like a mountain I just can't seem to step over.

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