That's real life. I've been spending significantly less time in the virtual world and considerably more time in the real, tangible world. Lucas turned 9 months old a week ago and he keeps me smiling, laughing, working and burning calories. I've come to terms with the fact that my social life has to be scheduled around his nap and meal times.

And I've come less to terms with the fact that when I do have time to knit, there are other things to spend my time on - mainly my husband and our mission to conquer Super Mario Brothers for the Wii. I think about knitting, read about it, lust over patterns and dream about yarn, but I have been far away from actually picking up the needles. I keep telling myself that one day I'll have time to knit again. I hardly even make it to my knitting group anymore... Guilt has also pulled my hands away from the needles as well. I told my Dad and his new wife that I would make them a blanket for their wedding gift. Well, their specifications for said blanket were more than daunting to me. A 7-foot by 7-foot blanket. Now, whenever I think about picking up a smaller WIP or starting something, all I can think about is that big red monster looming over me.

That's it for now. No promises about when I'll be blogging consistently again. There's a child to raise, a husband to love, a garden to care for and so much more!