Apparently it's been a very long time since I've written for a blog. I tried to freshen up my writing skills last night by cracking open my paper journal. Some dusting off was in order, I'm slightly embarassed to admit. I haven't kept up with any kind of writing on a consistent basis since... well, probably 2003. That's a long six years of exceptionally few words.

So this is a new start.

I've been knitting nonstop for the last couple of weeks. I wrote a list of all the things I've created this year and was happily surprised to discover that I have not been as lazy as I thought. Attending the local SnB (knitting group) on a regular basis has kept me motivated to stay busy as well, not to mention the fact that after the baby is born my time to create will be a little more limited and much more interrupted. I'll post pictures of my recent projects soon.

I'll be 37 weeks along on Thursday. Technically, full term. The last couple of weeks have crawled by. I have to make a mental note to prepare my hospital bag, Lucas could be born any day now. I wish I felt more prepared for motherhood. Thankfully my crazy excitement about our little man finally making his grand appearance covers up most of the insecurities I have about being his mom.

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On June 15, 2009 at 1:12 PM , Roaming Rosie said...

Aw - no insecurities necessary, you're going to be an awesome mom! :) Great new blog, I love the background!