So 75 posts into my blog it came to a grinding halt. I can't really tell you why... maybe I lost interest in blogging or mommyhood just kept me too busy. Either way, I'm back (sort of) for the time being. My paper journal got a little more attention while my online blog suffered, but nothing too significant. In the time since being away from here my husband left my son and I to go to Texas to become a K-9 handler for the Army, something he's wanted to do since joining the military over 8 years ago. He routinely comes home with bite marks, muddied boots and ripped uniforms. The dog is fresh out of school just as he is!

Much has happened recently. While my husband was away at school I did little knitting. I knitted a hat for my step-dad's gargantuon head and casted off too loosely, so I'll be redoing that one. I knitted my mother a beautiful purple silk and bamboo scarf. My mom is one size bigger than I am, so I gifted her the red and purple sweater I knitted right after giving birth to Lucas. It looks fantastic on her and I no longer have to worry about all those knitting hours going to waste as the sweater sits in a drawer, unworn.

My family and I recently moved to our next duty station in Kansas. In the process of moving and driving I finished Lucas's Detroit Tigers sweater, knitted my pregnant friend a blanket for a baby who will hopefully make it full term, started a table cloth for the dining room in our soon to be new house and I'm furiously knitting a baby blanket for my sister in law, whom is due May 5th.

After moving, I wasted no time in finding a new knitting group. We had our first meeting last Sunday and it was longer than the one in Virginia. But, just as the one in Virginia, knit night meant bad weather. I got caught in a terrible snow storm and called my hubby in near tears to talk me through the worst of the white out that had me driving 25 mph in a 70 mph highway area. For some reason, Knit Night always means a Nor'Easter, a snow storm, a torrential downpour or something of that nature. But, come hell or high water, I will knit.

I'm excited to be in a new place, despite the fact that it is missing the bigger city shopping opportunities. To cheer myself up I put in a big order for Victoria's Secret with the Christmas gift card I had and am having it delivered to a friend on base. Nothing cheers me up like yarn and a new bra that makes my ta-tas look awesome :)

Well, that's it for now. I am busy enteraining my toddler in our tiny studio apartment hotel room all day while my hubby is away at work and knitting, row after row on my SIL's baby blanket.

Life is still good, it's just more complicated than usual!

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