Above: Knitted squares, joined with crochet. Finished in 2008, finally got a decent photo. I love this blanket, it's very warm. Materials: Lion Brand Homespun and Gedifra Fashion Trend Astrakan.

Above: WIP Willie Warmer. Materials: TLC Cotton Plus

Above: Razor Cami. Materials: Araucania Ranco Solid

Above: Freehand Stash Bag (crocheted) Materials: Patons Classic Wool and leftovers of Plymouth Boku

Above: Square for Planet Blanket project (crochet). Materials: Red Heart cotton

Above: Noro Spiral Beret. Materials: Noro Silk Garden Chunky.

Above: Best Friend Cowl. Materials: Noro Bonbori and 5 assorted buttons.

Above: Bokulicious Mitered Square Knitting Tote. Materials: Plymouth Boku

Everything except the first picture of my blanket are things that I've completed recently or am in the process of completing. You can see the details and original pattern sources (when available) on my Ravelry Projects Page.

Things are going great and also blah. Lucas is eating again! That's the great news. I don't dare weigh him, in case that puts a damper on his re-newfound curiosity and interest in food that I'm so excited about. I've been slamming out one project after another, which is good.

What's not so hot is that my husband is going away for awhile. He'll be spending about three and a half months out of state from now until the end of January. I'm trying to be strong and not get too depressed, but I hate to be alone and I'm going to miss him. The timing couldn't be worse - the holidays, the winter blues... the "who's going to take out the trash?" issues... Just blah. So, I knit so I don't go nuts. At least it's constructive, from my existent stash and it's not ruining my health. :) Half full, right?

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On September 8, 2010 at 4:59 PM , Origami Angel said...

A willie warmer, huh? And what exactly are you wearing with the cowl in the last photo, miss? Is this a prelude to "Knitter's Gone Wild"? And yes, definitely half full...but if it's vodka, who cares, pour another round, honey, the glass is always half full.